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About myself:
My name is James im 26 years old, I’m an American with ancestry all over the world, Mexico, Russia,Slovakia and Italy. I was always fascinated by computers, science and the arts. As a kid growing up I never had a computer so I chose my friends wisely ;) (not entirely true), so whenever I got to use their computers I was amazed at the endless possibilities and creativeness to do with them. Since then computers have held my interest and left my mind busy with creative ideas.
Apart from my geek side Im a caring and giving person and I do my best to try to treat people fairly and help people out when I can. I had been interested in the peace corps but met my girlfriend and just couldn’t convince myself to go overseas anymore and instead I am choosing to do my part through my entrepreneurial skills, art and love for technology .
Coming off a recent business failure, job loss, house arrest for a dui, improper eating ,end of the world babble and some high mental stress led me to a breakdown last year. I’m not exactly sure my ailment but I’m in the middle of a proper diagnosis, although if my independent research skills are accurate id say I suffer from some slight paranoid schizophrenia and I can sometimes think my water is bad and I won’t drink it. Weird I kno :/
After my last business venture and mental breakdown I lost a lot of my original motivation and interests and wasn’t really sure how or when if I wanted to do business again or what my purpose in life was. I figured I’d just get a random job and settle down and make a family since I’m approaching 30, with my degenerative condition this also created more of an urgency for this. It makes for working a normal job difficult, which brought me back on the computer and creating this site. I guess things just always end up having there way of working themselves out in the end.
My main inspiration to start this project was my girlfriends mother who travels a lot for business and was sick one trip with a weakened immune system. Despite being sick and run down she knew the importance of her work and made the trip. Somewhere along the trip she had ingested unclean water which led to contacting a rare bacterial infection which settled in the lungs. Her current struggle with this infection has really motivated me to work on this cause. This indirectly brought to light the world water issue as well as the importance and value of clean water and the amount of people who don’t have access to it and the problem the world faces regarding it.
Additionally Im really excited about new technology the web and the potential that it holds for the future of the world as a whole. Especially in the arts, science and mathematics fields. Since these subjects can be understood globally, I believe collaboration as a world on these subjects can bring about expedited solutions to our world problems and bring happiness and improve lives all over the world.
I never thought one day id be combining tshirts and art to help bring clean water to the world but im very excited about it and for what the future holds for the world as a whole.
Such a bright future to look forward to, but without clean water there’s not much of a future.
thanks for reading!

Areas of Expertise

Entrepeneur, Artist - abstract and figurative painter, printmaker, Enviromentalist, Idea Generating, Project Management

An idea worth spreading

Im looking to launch a tshirt/ art merchandise line that supports clean water projects around the world. I am interested to network with people who can help make my idea a success.

I'm passionate about

Technology, Art, The future, Helping people, and business.

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Art, Clean Water Projects,Business,Ideas to improve something.

People don't know I'm good at

I like to think im a good cook :)

My TED story

Not exactly sure what this is just yet. I will have to get back to it when i fully understand.

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James A
Posted about 2 years ago
Supporting more clean water projects.
Great Idea! I think it may be appropriate for us when starting to convey this message we will ship empty water bottles with appropriate messaging (feel free to suggest messages) . This is a issue, I've seen a lot of public water fountains in parks and downtown districts get abandonded(non working public fountains) and instead you get water bottles littered everywhere.
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James A
Posted about 2 years ago
What do you think about the future of the sign language?
Im with Astra Singh, and Adrian Braam on this topic, i dont have the best of ears my self and I would personally feel much more comfortable from a sociological stand point if i ever completely went deaf to communicate via text, and art. Like Astra stated sometimes she can get all hands and feet body moving trying to convey a message. And theres nothing wrong with displaying such enthusiasm about something, at times but when its something simple im sure it can be very frustrating. So my thoughts are, with a smart pad, via texting , an art app for those pictures worth a thousand words, and a sophisticated real time translating teleprompter we could create something completely universal for the whole world to use.