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eat less meat

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learning languages, playing instruments, animations, comics, dancing

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inventions, psychology, language learning hacks, healthy life, animations, open source softwares

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I did a brainwashingly boring work doing the same automatic movements all day what needed very little attention. Means I had several hours in work what I can use. So i started downloading loads of TED talks and language lessons mp3s, and all kind of other audio lectures so spend time with something useful. I heard eye-opening talks and learned a LOT from them. I totally hooked on TED talks.

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rita jónyer
Posted over 1 year ago
Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slavery
I think the aim of this video is to raise attention on the topic, not to provide deep analysis. Some of the audience will read more about modern slavery, some will go further and support some civil activist groups/organisations who help enslaved people, maybe some will pay more attention to buy FairTrade products, and things like that. It's totally OK that there are videos like this also on the wide range of TED talks.
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rita jónyer
Posted about 2 years ago
A.J. Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me
Maybe if the title is different I would have watched it with different expectations. But after the catchy title I was expecting some more precise illustration. I expected to hear an exact overview, like 'I reduced my sugar consuption with n %, I changed my eating habits by eating this this and that and not eating that that and that, and eating this and that x times a week, doing n hour of excersise etc.. all drawn on a chart or graphs to be easy to capture in an eyesight. Also expected something what shows the effect of doing this after 3 months, half year etc., and HOW it almost killed him, because actually there's nothing said about that. Living healthy is really important, so when I learn about it I really wanna hear more than anecdotes and funny pictures.