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Buenos Aires Capital Federal, Argentina

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alberto tagliaferri
Posted over 2 years ago
Where do you use math in your profession?
I have a degree in Information Systems Engeneering and I'm studyng some Physics. I work as a consultant on some HP software technologies. I found Math and Algebra empowered the mind with some ways of thinking you would not accomplished other way. I think one example is the first subtle and beaty concept I came upon: infinistesimals and the definion of function limit. When a debate comes at work about some "yes/no" issue or some steps between that "yes/no", I always could see a continous of states and conditions in between. Money and time to implement seals the things and delimits what is feasable. But, sometimes is good to undestand issues and I beleave me being able to see this has something to do whith beeing able to see epsilon becoming as little as I want and always beeing able to find (a some cost, of course) a suitable 'h' that let's me approach as much a I wanted.