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Harrogate, United Kingdom

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Johnson Tam-Lit
Posted over 2 years ago
How can we light indoor spaces in the most psychologically beneficial way possible whilst still keeping sustainability in mind?
Lighting a space relates to the intended use of the space, and the people who will inhabit the space. So if the intent is to stimulate action then there would be a need for a greater propensity of light at the red end of the visible spectrum , whereas at at the other end the effect is the opposite. Of course intensity as well as frequency comes into play. While I may be limited by the amount of light I can produce , I believe that using the appropriate obects on which to shine a light on has psychological impact. For example works of art, or images with the congruent color and text are uplifting. If all else fails, use a light focused on someone's smile in the room. That has long lasting effect and is sustainable.