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I am a 42 years old reporter from Argentina, I live in NJ, great family, my husband is a chef, my kids are a blessing. We can make a difference.You inspire me. I own a translation company and I am proud to be part of the TED team...."Arrange whatever pieces come your way...and then make them work for you."


English, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

A global interchange of good, no money involved. You garbage is my treasure.

I'm passionate about

My family, Argentina, help others, my job.

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An idea to break the language barriers, something to re-distribute the richness in some countries. A way to help each other.

People don't know I'm good at

Put things together, organizing.

My TED story

My TED story starts today.

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Patricia Munoz
Posted over 3 years ago
If every day there is more and more people on Earth, why we are growing so apart and disconnected from each other?
Hello Joy, thanks for your comment. No, no studies and it is only my perception. I am not talking about the pace of the big cities, I am talking about the moments that we share with each other and specially the "human touch". Do we hug enough? Do we kiss enough? Do we embrace the other as our equal? Yesterday at the doctor there was an ad that said " You never know who you'll come in contact with. Take extra care", like the other person is dangerous to us, and I would like to believe that we can get a little closer even if you live in a isolated place. And everything will be a little better, a little warmer... Thanks, have a great day.