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Seattle, WA, United States

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JD Panzer
Posted over 3 years ago
Would you rather be an information producer, propagator, or consumer?
My first and longest love in art has been the theater, and I've performed a number of functions within that form. What I've found is that collaboration is not exclusive to the production, but is required within the community around that production. Thus the relationship between consumer, producer, and propagator is intimately intertwined. I have been all three of these, sometimes without being entirely aware of a difference between them. I love watching theater (or film, or visiting a gallery, or, or...) and I am often inspired to make theater based on what I see. I will happily evangelize a particular company or show based on my enjoyment, seek to work with them, and continue to patronize their shows. I feel that the now-common ability to create, as an example, video, will create a similar atmosphere in the digital world and that this cycling process of consumption, propagation, and production will become far more common. What do we take from biology? Though my own understanding is imperfect, one concept that has resonated is homeostasis, which if I've understood it correctly is the idea that there is a balance (though not necessarily a perfectly even one) between the processes of an organism. There must be a balance in both a single person and in a community between production and consumption, or quality will be sacrificed for quantity, and the true thread of deliberate art will be lost.