About Caron


Caron transitioned from theatrical stagemanagement after working on production teams across the UK from 1994 - 2001 when she retrained through the National IT Learning Centre studying on their Internet Service Provider programme with the objective of becoming a web designer. During her time on the programme she discovered html, css, javascript, ASP and e-commerce along with web 2.0 and the dawn of social networking. At this time Caron obtained her first client inside virtual world Second Life which kept a passion for arts event curation alive and creatively engaged looking at new ways of maintaining the attention of target audiences. Meanwhile in 'first life' Caron was part of the inaugural web image team and saw the successful launch of Boots' wellbeing.com. At Nottingham Building Society she took their Intranet from one platform to another. The social web before it's rise saw intranets fuse with web 2.0, the foundation web events and online word of mouth communication. Since joining Twitter in 2007 social technologies, media and networking has be my sole employment.



Areas of Expertise

Social Media & Social Networks, SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY, Technical Theatre, Events coordinator, Audience Engagement

An idea worth spreading

Ethics in Business, Art in Strategy.

I'm passionate about

Social technologies and real-time engagement the good, the bad and the ugly. Developing and curating online audiences providing access to wider audience demographics. Theatre production, tea & beer!

Talk to me about

When did the development of technical equipment take on the mystical quality of evolving technology?

People don't know I'm good at

lighting design

Favorite talks