Paul Weir

Composer & Sound Designer, Earcom Ltd

About Paul


I'm a London based audio director, sound designer, composer and voice director and have worked on over forty games along with film, television, radio and installation production.

Through Earcom, I'm the Audio Director, Composer and Sound Designer for Eidos Montreal's new Thief game. Unusually for a major title, I'm responsible for creating all of the audio content for the game and ensuring that sound is fully represented within the overall design.

As a composer I work across a very large range of genres and my music can be heard on games, adverts, film, radio programmes and library music CDs. As a sound designer I specialise in original creative sound design adding a distinctive identity to the sound design projects that I have worked on.

I have worked on all the major game platforms and many custom technologies. I am currently assisting in the development of a standalone Linux based generative music box.

Previous projects include the games Lego Harry Potter, Lego Batman, Pure, Juiced 2, Ghost Master, Warrior Kings, GHost Rider, Crime Life, Discworld Noir and many others. I'm well versed in using Wwise and FMOD and often have custom tools built for my game projects. Other work includes The Adventures of Sexton Blake (BBC Radio 2), Warner Breaks TV campaign, Tiscali TV idents and the films Book of Blood, Stagknight and An American Haunting.

I have extensive experience with interactive and generative music systems in games, I am also the leading commercial generative soundscape composer having created in-store music for organisations such as BAA, Tesco and Intercontinental Hotels.

I lecture in game audio and have run everything from diploma course modules to full post-graduate courses. I have taught at the London College of Music and Media, Bath Spa University College, SAE, Ravensbourne College and the University of Montreal.

Areas of Expertise

Generative Music, Sound Design, Composer, Videogame music, Radio Production

I'm passionate about

Music, sound design, generative music.

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I've added the music that I wrote for Jon Ronson's TED talk to my blog:

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Wrote the music for Jon Ronson's talk on psychopaths,