Stephanie Nugent

California Institute of the Arts, Nugent Dance
Stevenson Ranch, CA, United States

About Stephanie


Since 2001 Nugent-Dance has provoked and entertained through choreography, theater, and improvisation conceived by Stephanie Nugent and other contemporary artists. From gender and identity to violence and religion, ND’s concert presentations, community workshops, and public discussions address provocative subjects to foster insight, communication, and tolerance.
Artistic Director Nugent is a Los Angeles-based choreographer, performer and educator with special interest in dance theater and improvisational performance. At the heart of her work is a collaborative spirit and drive to present live theater that is at once entertaining and socially conscious. She has collaborated with celebrated artists/scholars from diverse mediums including composers Robin Cox and Eve Beglarian; Dance Artists Kim Epifano, Shel Wagner Rash, Stefan Fabry, Carmela Herman, Kristen Smiarowski and Lower Left; writer/actors Virginia Grise and Olivia Sandoval; dance film artists Erin Martinez and Roberta Shaw; visual artist Catherine Siri Nugent, lighting designers Vickie J Scott and Ed Cha; and scholar of feminist and gender studies in Islam, Aysha Hidayatullah.
Nugent’s honors include awards and grants from the Lester Horton Awards, the Durfee Foundation, the Santa Barbara Arts Fund, the University of California -Santa Barbara Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, California State University -Long Beach, California Institute of the Arts, and UCLA’s Hot House residency. She has received creative commissions/presentations from organizations including The Commune of Padova, Italy, the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, The North Carolina School of the Arts, New Choreographers of West Chester, Malashock Dance and Company, Santa Barbara Dance Theater, CONDER/Dance, Highways Performance Space, The Wooden Floor, Los Angeles Dance Kaleidoscope, Big Range Dance Festival, West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival, Looking Left Santa Cruz, Sushi Visual and Performance Art, Santa Barbara Summer Dance, Anatomy Riot, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Long Beach Museum of Latin American Art, SOMA Fest, The Los Angeles Improvisational Dance Festival, Brea College, California Institute of the Arts, Minnesota State University-Mankato, Brigham Young University and Iridian Arts Inc..
An acclaimed performer, Ms. Nugent has toured internationally with the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Malashock Dance and Company, Victoria Marks and Dancers, and Keith Johnson/Dancers. She has also performed with numerous independent artists and continues an ongoing performing and teaching partnership with contact improviser Shel Wagner Rasch.
Ms Nugent is also a dedicated educator, with degrees from North Carolina School of the Arts (BFA) and California State University -Long Beach (MFA). She served on faculty at the University of California Santa Barbara from 2001-2007, receiving early tenure in 2006 and the rank of Associate Professor. Currently, Nugent serves on faculty in the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance, at California Institute of the Arts, teaching somatic-based contemporary dance technique, composition and various forms of improvisation for students in the BFA and MFA programs in dance, as well as gifted movers studying in other areas of the institute. She conducts guest residencies throughout the US, offering master classes and workshops in contemporary dance and contact improvisation through Nugent Dance, and with colleague and performing partner Shel Wagner Rasch.
Upcoming projects include participation in the Los Angeles Dance Festival and Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, a new dance film with Shel Wagner Rasch and Roberta Shaw, and a new commission for the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company.
Also an advocate for the arts, Nugent has served on the board of Center Stage Theater -Santa Barbara, and currently serves as Vice President of Iridian Arts Inc. a non-profit whose mission is to support the creation and presentation of adventurous music and multi-media performing arts.



Areas of Expertise

Contemporary Dance Technique, Choreography, and Improvisation

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Dance, theater, music, and improvisation.

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dance, social consciousness, theater, the performing arts, religion and the arts, religion and science, science and the arts.

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Stephanie Nugent
Posted almost 3 years ago
Can we ever know how another person "senses" the world?
I don't believe we can precisely know whether we experience the same way as another person . . . at least not so that we can communicate through speaking or writing. However, I believe as we come to understand more about mirror neurons, we will realize that we do not have to experience the exact same thing as someone else to be able to deeply emathize with them. Whether the blue you see is the same shade or different than the one I see, or the sky you see is the same as the one I see, we can find a common understanding that embraces our uniqueness.