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Ixone Villafruela
Posted over 3 years ago
Susan Cain: The power of introverts
To Joan, The society we live on, it's build up for extroverts, on both social/casual and business' situation. At work we "must" prove we love to work together, that we enjoy socializing. We would do whatever it takes, lie on a test for example, in order to FIT in. I am not saying that solitude, loneliness etc is the right answer is the answer but as Susan Cain says not everybody does well working in groups. I would like to see more respect from society towards introverts at school, at the office. Balance is the key. The stigma of introvert=weird is unfair and wrong. Nobody talks about the extroverts that cannot be alone, that need continuous contact with people, that cannot go for a walk, or have a drink or lunch by themselves. why nobody talks about that?