Jordan Kannon

Project Engineer, Skanska USA Building Inc.
Willington, CT, United States

About Jordan


I am a project engineer (PE) for Skanska USA Building, Inc. and am currently working on a new "ground up" PK-8 STEM Magnet School in Windham, CT. I received my B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of CT in May of 2010 and am currently pursuing my M.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Structures. My job (and luckily my passion) have to do with understanding how things are built (physically and mathematically), how to turn nothing into something. I love what I do, not just because it is a good job, but because it allows me to utilize my other skills and passions, which are generally not covered in my job description or degree. I have a fascination with peoples' relationships with one another. How and why we do the things we do. I found TED when I was in search of an "outlet." I needed something to look into while not at work. I am the type of person with a mind that cannot be turned off. At dinner I scribble ideas down on the table top (paper). Every jacket has a interior pocket with a pad and pen for anything I may come up with. I need somewhere to share my ideas. I am amazed at the variety of talks that TED has to offer. It is incredible the vast amount of knowledge, experience and passion that is floating around in this community. I am just starting my career and beginning to truly become my own person. I am learning and exploring every day of my life and hope to use the TED community as a tool. I cannot wait to interact with the other members of this organization. I do believe that this is the community that can create serious and positive change. I see each idea and cause in the TED community like a "wave," starting with the smallest of influences and building and building as it radiates outward among the members until it slams into the shores of society. Hopefully in the coming months/years I will learn from you all. I want to learn how to express my views and build them into packages that can be transferred from person to person. For now, I will creep around the background and learn from everyone. For all that you have already taught me and for what the future holds, thank you.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Civil & Environmental Engineering

An idea worth spreading

This world is full of different people. No two are the same, but ironically, our ideas and goals often are. I find that people are generally not arguing about the "goals," but the objectives, how to realize our goals. My idea worth spreading (at least for the time being) is realizing that we can embrace our varied paths and instead of battling towards one objective, create a team. A team of different objectives that, instead of resist each other, compliment each other.

I'm passionate about

The act of creating and building, both from a physically and societal standpoint. I enjoy identifying goals and realizing all the different objectives that can be used in the pursuit of that goal.

Talk to me about

All ideas are more than welcome. My hope is to assist in the way we convey our messages. Ideas are wonderful, but we must built the bridge from our mind to the masses.

People don't know I'm good at

Communication. I tend to identify what is important to others and treat it as there own language which I can use to communicate.

My TED story

I am new to this and my TED story is just beginning. So far I have spent many hours going through all the different talks, ranging the full spectrum of creativity. I am acting as a sponge, soaking up all this community has to offer. Each day I learn a little bit more. I learn how a group of dancers can communicate without words (LXD). I have learned the danger of a single story ( Chimamanda Adichie). I have learned various ways of treating and achieving happiness and success. The ability to learn through this community expands exponentially. With every talk, my sphere of knowledge expands. As it expands, there is more area of grab onto more ideas. Approach any and all things with a smile on your face, embracing the challenges and basking in the successes.

Comments & conversations

Jordan Kannon
Posted over 3 years ago
Where do you use math in your profession?
I think a very important message to get across to your students is the use of math/numbers as a proof of an idea. Most of the time, people argue with emotion, which really has no ground, but once numbers get involved, an opinion can hold its own. My degree is in structural engineering and my profession is construction management. Recently, I have been working with a number of initiatives within our organization to optimize work, both in an effort to save money and create a healthier environment for the workers. My utilizing numbers/statistics, I can identify what habits lead to safer environments. More importantly, by manipulating (not in a bad way) the information I have at hand, I can determine how small a change (investment) can be made to deliver the greatest result. To sum things up, using math as a proving ground for arguments will open up a whole new method of discussion. Expose your students to this and I am sure it will peak their interest in the mathematics.
Jordan Kannon
Posted over 3 years ago
Would you rather be an information producer, propagator, or consumer?
I think we all like being the "consumer" of information (at least I know I do. That is why I spend hours watching TED Talks), but that is a very passive position. In my mind, the most important position here would be the "propagator," the position spreading the information (message). This world is certainly not short of ideas, including plenty of good quality ones. The issue is getting these ideas to "stick." The ability for an idea to propagate relies heavily on peoples' willingness to spread the idea. We need to know what is important to our audience and relate those elements to our ideas. This will adhere our ideas to them. The stronger a link we make, the more likely the ideas will spread.