Bruno Falardeau

Translator-Reviser, Econoler
Quebec City, Qc, Canada

About Bruno


27 year-old French Canadian professional translator currently living in Quebec City, Canada. Fluent in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian - passive understanding of Catalan and currently trying to find the time to learn Russian and Hebrew (eek!). I graduated from Bishop's University with a BA in Modern Languages (Spanish/German Major, Italian Minor) in 2009 and with an MA in Translation and Terminology from Laval University in 2012. I was a freelance translator for a little over two years, then worked in one of the Big Four accounting firms for nearly three years. I am now working full-time as an in-house translator-reviser for a consulting firm in energy efficiency based out of Quebec City.

Areas of Expertise

Environment & Energy, Finance , Tax & Accounting, International Affairs, Urban Planning, Marketing , politics

I'm passionate about

public transit, urban planning, sustainable development, environment, institutional bilingualism/multilingualism, minority languages, travelling, tennis, politics, Europe

Talk to me about

travelling, languages, politics, Canada, Quebec, linguistic hegemony, public transit, Germany, Spain

My TED story

My friend Martin Boháčik (Slovak translator here) told me about this site and as I have done voluntary subtitling for another non-profit organization before (Spanish into French), it got me interested.