Mandy Franciskovich

Technician, Communicatio Technology Services
Spring, TX, United States

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I can not be defined in a solitary word, nor can I be defined my a group of them. I am unique, my perspective slightly askew, my thoughts somewhat incomprehensible. However, on occasion, I will meet someone on my journey that will understand me and the random jumble of ideas and thoughts in my head. That is my purpose, to seek out those willing to look beyond the ordinary and look take a peek outside of the box and connect with them. Who wants to be confined to a box anyways? I have strong opinions about certain things and ideas, and no opinions at all about others. I am quite different from most, and proud of it. I go with the flow, and yet micromanage everything in my life. I am quirkly and silly and have a sense of humor you probably won't get at first, but I also know how to be serious, contemplative and austere. I like big words, by the way; it's one of my characteristics. To break it down for you, here is some of the silliness that I am and am interested in: I love all things artsy and am majoring in Photography. I play guitar (5 years) and Violin (16 years). I have a passion for music and singing (my entire life). I come from a family of primarily boys, and am the only girl from both of my familys' sides. I LOVE being a nerd :B I lykes 2 PWN boys FTW in Halo (as well as other video games :P). I am a huge fan of classic games, as well (Zelda, Mario and Luigi, Tetris, PACMAN, Final Fantasy, Etc..) I read a lot, and love poetry. Anne Rice, Stephen King and JK Rowling are geniuses. I write poetry as well as read it., though I may not be phenomenal. I love to collect quotes and fortunes from fortune cookies. I am fascinated wth Psychology, Philosophy, History and Geography. I love to learn, but can be very scatterbrained if I'm not interested in the material. I am a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend, a sister, a neice, a grandaughter, a cousin. I like to headbang to deathmetal, dance to salsa, move to the bass in techno, and close my eyes to properly listen to Opera. I'm surprised I wrote this much, also, because I actually don't like to talk about myself and hate people that talk about themselves...I hope that with this information, you get a very general idea of who I am and what I'm all about :)


English, Spanish

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An idea worth spreading

Love eternally, hate nothing, forgive everything, never forget, kiss longer, embrace harder, cry when necessary, laugh all the time, speak sparingly, listen intently and Live Completely.

I'm passionate about

Just about everything that I do. If you are not passionate about what you do, why bother put forth the effort to make it happen?


Lonestar College

Talk to me about

Anything and everything. I love a good conversation about most anything. I love to listen to the ideas of others and add to what I can.

People don't know I'm good at

Singing. I'm really actually pretty shy and somewhat secretive about it, haha.

My TED story

Well...There once was a Man from Nantucket.... haha! Nah, just came across this website recently, and really liked the purpose and material of and on it. I hope that one day soon I can help contibute to the thought, ideas and words circulatiing on here :)

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Mandy Franciskovich
Posted over 3 years ago
Our Artists and Musicians of the future at risk of extinction?
I'm currently Majoring Art and Minoring Psychology. My intention is to one day teach these subjects, but it is in Art that I am home. I adore music equally, as well. It's funny how many people tell people like you and I to "get a 'real' job". I come from a family of Math and Science Majors, and I am am the black sheep amongst them. They don't understand my dedication to the liberal arts, they often critisize me and tell me that with my career choice, I will get no where. How I can I teach someone what Red looks like, when they are color blind? I keep trucking on, and fiercely support my stance. I can only hope that Art and Music, which has touched so many souls (mine included), sticks around in schools. It is our saving grace. Thanks for you comment, very much appreciated:]
Mandy Franciskovich
Posted over 3 years ago
What is your favorite color? Or color combinations. Is there any color you don't like at all? Do you know why?
I continuously find myself drawn to different shades of Red. I find the definition/meaning behind my color as given above to be obnoxiously true. I am passionate about just about everything that I do in my life, and many a time do I find myself Nervous about things that I perhaps shouldn't be. I rather dislike the color grey. It is way too... bleh. I need color! Vibrant and bold, and that is why I gravitate towards my red :)