Uche Onuoha

Founder & CEO, ACUA LLC
Charlotte, NC, United States

About Uche


My name is Uche, and i was born and raised in Nigeria. I am currently studying Finance at UNC Charlotte @ NC, and my hobby is Entrepreneurship, and playing soccer.



Areas of Expertise

Idea Generation and Development

An idea worth spreading

The fact that young people can actually be Entrepreneurs because a lot of us are not aware of it, and while some who are aware of it think it is rocket science. They do not realize that what it really takes is applying you self and motivation from the inside.

I'm passionate about

Entrepreneurship, touching people's lives, and making big difference in the world.


UNC Charlotte

Talk to me about

Building a start up, by taking an idea and making it a consumer good. Tell me the resources to utilize, about networking, which all comes down to being successful.Talk to me about these things

People don't know I'm good at

Coming up with great new ideas, and persevering in what ever i put my mind to until i achieve it.

My TED story

I got introduced to TED in an organization that i'm involved in at my school, called Young Entrepreneurs Association. Ever since i love everything that TED stands for and it is one of my most favorite sites. I think the talks are wonderful and very educative, and the discussions are very interesting.

Comments & conversations

Uche Onuoha
Posted over 3 years ago
Why don't we have more "Kitchen" scientists?
Absolutely true. Science these days is meant to appear so complicated that when people hear it, they tend to avoid it. For example science can be related with cooking, because a kitchen is like a lab, and when you are in the kitchen, you are carrying out an experiment, by putting together different ingredients with a goal of making something delicious out of the different ingredients. They have made it seem so hard that a lot of women now feel like it is a burden to cook for their husband. They prefer eating out all the time, instead to taking sometime to experiment with different ingredients which is the same thing scientists and lab technicians do. So i think this is a very important topic, and there should be more awareness created about this, so it won't be heading to the point where every young person thinks anything science is difficult, and we might end up not having young folks interested in anything science at some point.