Gary Weisgerber

Marketing Director for NPO Community Theatre, Blue Slipper Theatre
Livingston, MT, United States

About Gary


36 years of radio broadcasting, ad agencies with occasional stints in food service and retail between media gigs. Currently volunteering with a local community theatre while recovering from stage IV neck cancer treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery) and working at building a "Living History Theatre" focusing on the history of The Great Northwest.

Areas of Expertise

Advertising (Creative), playwriting/theatrical production, Music, Radio broadcasting and production

An idea worth spreading

The need of the many outweighs the greed of the few.

I'm passionate about

Inspiring hearts and minds through the arts. I believe the only way positive change happens is for people to seriously desire to change their priorities for the betterment of all.

Talk to me about

Ways to inspire positive, creative attitudes and foster a desire in people to learn and grow. Ways to inspire folks to rise above the lowest common denominator and evolve.

People don't know I'm good at

Darning socks. Creating decent meals out of funky leftovers. Using old junk in new ways.

Comments & conversations

Gary Weisgerber
Posted over 2 years ago
What is happiness?
I read this sometime back in the 70's and still remember it: "Happiness is having what you want...and wanting what you have." I especially like the second part.
Gary Weisgerber
Posted over 2 years ago
Why is breast cancer detection technology so primitive?
Excellent questions, and as one who is surviving stage IV head/neck cancer, I would ask them in regard to all forms of this killer. Early detection is the key. As for underfunded research, here's my thought (ripping off a famous line), "The need of the many outweighs the greed of the few." Sadly, too few health industry bigwigs don't seem to agree. Just a thought: I wonder if a prediliction to cancer is possibly to be found in our DNA? If that were the case, perhaps DNA might be altered early in life as a preventative? Admittedly, I'm no scientist...perhaps this thought is misinformed.