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Equal Money System is the solution to this world. An overall reform that will enable life to be supported in equality. With this single point, one stands as the most revolutionary solution ever created in this world: give money to all beings equally, make of money a single accounting tool, place democratic elections based on one man, one vote and you are able to establish the foundation that will enable the human being to correct the inherent human nature we currently know as 'survival' without being able to actually Live.

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Marlen Vargas Del Razo
Posted over 3 years ago
How can we use art to build awareness of peak oil and start the public discussion on transitioning away from fossil fuels.
Hi, I share the process that I am busy walking and soon turning into my thesis for art-school ►2011 Art in Equality: Be your own Work of Art - YouTube It's based on the point of becoming the point of change that we want to see in this world. We advocate the Equal Money System which is an overall solution to stop the massive machinery currently existing in terms of 'peak oil' and fearing a future that is being impulsed because of greed/ capitalism and a system that needs extensive amounts of fuel to continue producing to obtain Profit. Thus, creating images with common sense can create a point of support to an actual proposal/ solution that can be in fact implemented, such as the Equal Money System - check out the links and if you have further comments, questions, please contact me. Thanks.