Miriam Carmack

Ashby, MA, United States

About Miriam

I'm passionate about

Being authentic & kind. Oil Painting & music. Family, relationships, & collaborating. Learning, empathizing, empowering, & genuinely understanding people & issues. Service & good hard work. Integrity.

Talk to me about

Organic, holistic, anything design, color, environment, art, human body (anatomy, beauty, psychology, etc.), ethics, religion, social reform (education, industries, food), or anything humanitarian.

People don't know I'm good at

Singing jazz. 1930-1950 is my favorite period. I am absolutely a nut when it comes to jazz. I love to harmonize, and go crazy when I find someone who can do the same.

My TED story

I was sitting in my head drawing class, with Brooke and another girl, and we started talking about Sir Ken Robinson. You can then imagine where it went from there. Brooke mentioned TED talks to me, and I thought she was talking about a guy named Ted. Now I know TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. :) I love this place, and will never leave. Thank you Brooke!

Favorite talks