Nina Moore

Vice President, Terrapin Resource Development, Inc
Phoenix, AZ, United States

About Nina



Qualified to convey vision, mission and culture to staff, clients, volunteers, and strategic partners, current and future advocates in a clear, understandable and compelling manner. Effectively prioritize and maintain multiple projects at once with flexibility and maturity. Possess an intrinsic ability to cultivate, maintain and progress relationships.
Strong and inspirational leader with the ability to work in an environment committed to high levels of performance, celebrated successes, and growth from failures. Passionate about improving education and tenacious in the pursuit of goals. Equally adept at strategic planning and tactical execution.
Resource Generator
Problem Solver
Research and Analysis
Project Management
Program Evaluation
Key Contributor
Relationship Cultivation and Preservation
Event Planning/Management
Strategic Alliance Builder
Extreme Customer Service Orientation
Strong Verbal and Written Communication skills
Keen attention to detail
Budget Management
Computer literate
Terrapin Resource Development, Inc.
Grant Writing and Fundraising Consultants for Non Profit Organizations
Vice President, August 2011 – Present
Consult on all aspects of development, including proposals, facilitate discussions with sponsors and conduct fundraising process on behalf of client. Specialty in grants, company proposal acceptance rate is 50-60% (national average=7%).
Fundraising strategies
Corporate and foundation relations
Annual funds
Government proposals
Board Training/Development
Volunteer management
Tracking and database systems
Event Planning/Management
Foundations Investment Group, Phoenix, AZ
Asset management services for select trusts, foundations and private clients
Vice President of Trust Division, June 2004 – July 2011
Initially appointed as an Asset Planner assisting individuals in achieving their financial goals. Advanced to Senior
Asset Planner, training and developing all new planners. This lead to my designing, implementing, executing and
evaluating the training program for all new planners, in both classroom and virtual settings. As the company
pursued a new direction, I became Vice President of the Trust Division.
Site Visit of nonprofit organizations with complete Due Diligence Package
Gift Proposal Review & Recommended Accountability
Executive Management Team Consult
Gift Recipient Follow-up & Accountability Review
IRS Compliance
Ensured confidentiality through proprietary developed systems for accurate and confidential record keeping
and reporting.
Phoenix Elementary School District No.1, Phoenix, AZ
Serving preschool through eighth grade students since 1871, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 is steeped in
heritage and tradition and located in the heart of downtown Phoenix
Teacher, August 1998-May 2004
Recruited by the principal to develop the 4th-6th Grade Montessori classroom as a continuation of the strand
program within a traditional elementary school.
Established 4-6th Grade Montessori Classroom
Lead Teacher of three grades and individualized instruction classroom for seven years
Designed and implemented ‘Peace’ curriculum for grades pre-k through 8th grade
Lead member of team of eight teachers steering the direction of the program
Team member to obtain our own site within the district
Thomas J Pappas School for the Homeless, Phoenix, AZ
Nation's Largest School for Homeless Children
Teacher, March 1997-May1998
Third Grade Teacher
Facilitated tending to many fundamental needs of students through on and off-site resources
Event Coordinator for annual fund raising event in concert with a volunteer group supporting the school and its
Master of Arts in Elementary Education-2004
Ottawa University, Phoenix, AZ
Montessori Certification, 3-12 years
Center for Montessori Teacher Education, Phoenix, AZ
Volunteer, Stand for Children, Phoenix, AZ November, 2009 - Present
Board Member & Youth and Family Committee Chair, Lincoln Family YMCA, Phoenix, AZ August, 2010- Present



Areas of Expertise

Montessori Education, Educaiton, Grant & Proposal Writing

An idea worth spreading

"The only way to change the world is through education."
-Maria Montessori

I wholeheartedly believe this statement to be true and I am determined to contribute to its fruition. Terra PACE, A School for Peace, is in start-up mode.

I could speak for hours and write for pages on why the time has come to open this school. The ideal is that it becomes the norm for education, and if reality sets in, a handful of children become self-directed learners, flexible thinkers, creative problem solvers, resilient individuals and empathetic citizens, in a nutshell, it is designed to facilitate the human being reaching their potential and becoming a global person of peace.

In summary, the aim is to teach, practice and spread compassion, a natural human trait. Our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that our well-being and the well-being of others are, in fact, one and the same

I'm passionate about

Education, specifically addressing the antiquated version of 'school' our society accepts as the norm. We are failing our students, because we are not including them in their own desire to learn.

Comments & conversations

Nina Moore
Posted about 2 years ago
Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley
Wonderfully expressed, I agree wholeheartedly with all of Sir Ken's points. Finland's system is successful, please know they have taken their pedagogy from Maria Montessori. The answer to his solution, facilitating the learning of the human, whole child, is the Montessori Method.
Nina Moore
Posted over 2 years ago
Address all these ideas, all these issues through revamping education. We need to work together to move these talks into ACTION.
Dear Kelly, At first read, I wholeheartedly agree with you, "Fixing education could fix each and every issue, could utilize each and every solution offered. We need to ACT. My TED Prize wish (dreaming here) would be that the TED Prize would ONLY be given to those who ACT - to those who make an ENDURING CHANGE in the world". I too have dreamed of a pilot school that will change the face of education, and I believe I have the answers and the method. Would like to talk to you in more depth, let me know if you are interested in a discussion.