Gregg Wood

Midvale, UT, United States

About Gregg


I began my professional real estate/financial career in 1993 and have held senior positions at every firm I've been with. I have been a leader in the real estate industry and was elected by my peers to be President of the Utah Mortgage Lenders Association 5 years in a row. I have developed properties, financed hundreds of millions in transactions, organized a bank and been on bank boards in Utah. I am a visionary with all things real estate. I have been very keen with market timing and lead all property acquisitions and due diligence for my company.

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An idea worth spreading

We don’t need the government, banks, big institutions or hedge funds to solve the housing crisis. This country has always fought through tough times and prevailed by using the free market system and capitalism. In fact, it is going on under our noses right now with little or no risk to the taxpayer. The only way we are going to get this country out of a recession is through the local businessman or woman; those who care about this country. They live in and love the communities that are in need of help, there is pride in it and they are the ones that can bring it back to its previous glory and beyond. He or she works hard to make a living, helping that community at least remain stable, preferably to thrive. These are the people that will not give up when things look bad. These are the people that when they see their earlier plans for retirement becoming all but hopeless, find a way to fight back.

I'm passionate about

Sharing what I firmly believe to be the very best way to invest in Real Estate.

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Real estate investing, plans for retirement, 401ks and IRAs, marketing, building a company.

People don't know I'm good at

Being a Dad