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Whitmore, CA, United States

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Robert Scheide
Posted over 3 years ago
How can we use art to build awareness of peak oil and start the public discussion on transitioning away from fossil fuels.
In lots of other countries they have government energy programs that are long termed and geared to renewable energy sources. Of course we do not have such a policy here...In fact during this economic downturn the subsides programs are being ended cutting back on renewable energy projects.. With the current negative feeling toward nuclear power you have to find something to replace the 20% of power currently supplied by nuke plants... We don't even have a program in place to take care of that problem.. Peak Oil is a tough sell even though all charts show the decline of production in all major fields. Instead we are sold the idea that Natural Gas and Clean Coal are the answer.. The pollution in production and use of these fuels will end their importance probably before the peak in those fuels.. The belief that Oh something will come along to fix this problem is the problem we face in getting the action required.