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Seattle, WA, United States

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I help people understand the complex systems we all depend on to survive and thrive: ecosystems, economies and communities. My training ties together strands of psychology, artificial intelligence and computer modeling of biological systems. My main project at the moment is working with activist artist Chris Jordan to write background material explaining the issues behind his "Running The Numbers" series, which illustrates the scaling problems of modern consumerist society, and recruit a group of subject matter experts to add deeper content. My last few projects have been with the Happiness Initiative, Sustainable Seattle and Take Back Your Time on issues relating to wellbeing, working hours and environmental impacts.

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Eldan Goldenberg
Posted over 2 years ago
How can we use art to build awareness of peak oil and start the public discussion on transitioning away from fossil fuels.
I think there are at least two strands to this. One part is that art can be extremely effective at showing people what's wrong and needs to change in the world. I have the good fortune to be working on one of my favourite examples: Chris Jordan's Running The Numbers series: http://chrisjordan.com/gallery/rtn2/#insatiable http://www.ted.com/talks/chris_jordan_pictures_some_shocking_stats.html But the second part is that once we've hit people with that, we have a responsibility not to walk away, because despair can be so completely paralysing. This is where I think Jonnie's absolutely right: art can, and I think must, also show people possibilities. It can either be to show them how to fix the problems we're documenting [full disclosure: this is what I'm working on for Chris], or how to be open to palatable alternatives. I think in the peak oil space the former is about showing people how to rely on oil less, while the latter would be to show that a world in which the first mission failed would still be tolerable. On that front, the Dark Mountain Project is trying to use all media to portray a world without much of what we think of as modernity and civilisation, and show that it needn't be a dystopia: http://www.dark-mountain.net/ I think these are really all different ways of art helping people see what is out there but not necessarily easy to be open to.