Joy Johnson

Student , Westlake High School,Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, GA, United States

About Joy


I was born in Jamaica about 17 years ago. At the current moment I live in Georgia the state not the country but, that would be so cool. I speak 3 different languages. Patois, English , Gypsie well and now I am learning Spanish. I have two more years in the system of high school and then I can claim my freedom. I want to change the world when I grow up and the way people think. But in some ways I have already done that I have changed the way my friends think and for now that's a good start. Hmm what else.... Oh I don't curse because it is rude and disrespectful. I have this disease called Costochrondritis and I have to miss school a lot because of it. Well I am proud to be a christian and I want the world to know that Jesus saves.


English, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

Restructuring the system of how the world thinks. If we start a new generation of on a different path then we would be able to turn the path of thinking back to making a better future for the entire world. We need to start back at the basic things like wood work and then add technology into it. If we are able to do that then we could also turn the economical world around.

I'm passionate about

Equality and poetry. I am also passionate about giving people a chance and nature because they are all so beautiful. I am also passionate about working with my hands which could be working with people

Talk to me about

Anything and everything. I want to know about engineering and politics and how to end hunger. I want to know about new ideas and technology. Teach me about cooking and nature and how gravity works.

People don't know I'm good at

I can crochet and I can design a garment with my knowledge of clothing. I am also good at improvisation. Give me an idea and i will show you how to work it to the fullest potential.

My TED story

I started watching ted videos when my new chem teacher gave it to us for home work. After a while i would just sit and watch them for countless hours. They inspire me to kick the box to the corner and think beyond any limitations that may be put before me. I now watch these for ideas and wonder how i can make the world a better place.

Comments & conversations

Joy Johnson
Posted over 3 years ago
As a trilingual or bilingual, what role does language play in the creation of your identity? Which language do you think in?
I grew up speaking patois and now it has become a necessity for me to speak english for people to understand me. But in the process of all this I am learning spanish. I think in patois and spanish in turn I am force to talk in English. I have nothing against the language but most times when I forget where I am I speak the wrong language and express the wrong ideas. I most say it is hard at times but it is interesting to know that you can be in three different worlds and have no idea which language to speak.