Ben Guebila Marouen

Medicine Awareness Campaign Co-ordinator, International Pharmacutical Students' Federation
Tunis, Tunisia

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Arabic, English, French

Areas of Expertise

Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals, Social Enterpreneurship, Video Editing, Documentaries, Color Grading, Photograhy

I'm passionate about

Photography, video editing. I am also widely involced in social entrepreneurship and associative work.

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Ben Guebila Marouen
Posted over 3 years ago
If you were given the chance to change any one thing in the world...
If I had the opportunity I would change the monetary system. Long time ago, Power and Money were not linked. Most influent individuals in old societies were scientists, warriors, relegious ... but not those who were wealthy. Because, At that time, people were judged on values, Ideas and skills. At present , our monetary system promotes individualsim. We need to unlink money and power. Seems a little bit philosophic but I think that we should start by being less impressed by material wealth.