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Nanaimo, Canada

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Blake Holmes
Posted over 3 years ago
Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 was probably the first game that I ever really had a realization moment about myself with. While playing through Kotor 1 I played a dark side character, but really didn't feel much about it since the majority of the time the characters that I would gain dark side points by doing whatever it was I was doing were really deserving of said nasty actions. When time came to play through Kotor 2, I was confronted with an option to do an evil deed, and just couldn't bring myself to do it. I had the thought of "Is this really the type of person I want to be?", and so in turn I started picking the choices that I would pick in real life, rather than the choices that would disconnect my character from my morals beliefs; regardless of how funny they may be. I've since played through all the games that have moral systems in this sense, and I find them much more fulfilling (and people in the games seem to like me a whole lot more for not stealing everything of there's).