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Portland, OR, United States

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erin niemela
Posted over 2 years ago
Can immigration increase innovation? If so, how?
Economic growth and increased U.S. innovation depends on increased immigration. More available labor increases the number of jobs available and, thus, economic growth. The U.S. should be making it easier for immigrants to legally join workforce. Immigrants bring with them different skills than are available in the native worker pool, and with a variety of skills, employers are able to create a variety of jobs and place native workers in jobs that are more suited to them. Furthermore, by making legal immigration easier, the quality of work, quality of conditions, and quality of wages go up, as immigrants are more likely to contest poor conditions or wages if they have legal recourse to do so. As per innovation, we should be giving immigrants a path through higher education in the U.S., and handing out green cards with every degree earned, as immigrants are more inclined to start a business or apply for a patent than their native counterparts, which would directly contribute to economic and innovative growth. If we gave non-natives an easier way to legally immigrate, attend college and stay in the U.S. with that earned college education, innovation would directly increase, as well.