Adrian Jordahl

Ski, Norway

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Adrian Jordahl
Posted over 3 years ago
What if instead of competing for top spot, we helped each other achieve our goals. Without compensation.
I agree that some places in the world it would be profitable to have such a sociaty. But some places, like in norway, where we have a safty net regarding negative events like long term sickness, or money problems, we can achieve much more by having a competative behavior. Thanks to this people will struggle to reach new hights amd limits, while still inspire those below to work harder for the rewards. This can be said for most jobs in the world. Having competition will make you struggle for the top, making both you, and the consumer who are looking for the best offer, come out of it with a positive opinion. If there were no competition, people would get lazy. There has been nations trying to do this before, and it has ended badly (soviet). In a sociaty that can afford it, a competative attitude may be better and more contructive. Strive to become better, both for your material and psysical growth. This must be done before you can help others.