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Nowy Sacz / Krakow, Poland

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Mateusz Bartmanski
Posted over 3 years ago
Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?
I go back to Atari days, so things like River Ride, Pitfall, Montezuma... then long nights on on Amigas Lemings or Monkey Island,Bomber Man where you could play 5 people with a joystick adapter(that was something) Nintendos Mario 3 and Tiny Toons... but something that I can say that really touched me I think was one of my first games on a PC... Betrayal at Krondor... That game showed me the story ... and how one can imerse onself in a story. Not only that but the game was based on a Remdy E. Feist books like Magician and Darkness at Sathanon. When i got the game it was about the time that i was starting to get heavily into the books and their magical world. I think to this day I look for such story involvement in games as i felt playing that game. I think it shaped my ideas about as well as a slight obsession with a good story, not only in games,movies ... but life in general, crativity. Unfortunetly it is rare that I find it nowdays. Its kind of funny ... I never finished the game. In chapter 7 or so you find this statue that can kill anything with one blow ... and you dont know how many times you can use it. Also there are I think 3 or 4 of these demons in the game that you cant kill with anything but the statue. And I used it up and got stuck on the last demon in the game in the last fight. I spent about 2 hours trying to kill that demon. Literly freezing it and bashing and freezing and i could have gone for another 2 hours couse my characters were so pumped up. Good times :D