Tomáš Janco

secretary General, SL
Kosice, Slovakia

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English, French, German, Slovak

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A sin is an action, lacking a guiding idea. Dead from the start. Empty.

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Philosophy, Art, Law, Biology, Religion, The Occult

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Anything you see fit.

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People don`t know too much about me. I like it that way.

My TED story

I once went to Egypt to hike to the peak of Mount Sinaj, and see the dawn from the top. I saw the sun dawning and it seemed to me like a giant red eye looking right trough me. It was the most beautiful thing I`d ever seen. Every time a new thought comes into my mind, I think about the Sun. It is an inner ritual of mine... on a subconscious level (probably). It is nice to see your life, all those moments, linked together by one experience. I would call it divine. I think everyone should experience it for himself. A touch of the ideal...

Comments & conversations

Tomáš Janco
Posted over 3 years ago
Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?
Planescape: Torment. It is unique. Unlike any story ever told by interactive electronic means. It made me recreate myself... My life. Changed it entirely in a sense. The game was about losing ones self, and finding it again. About your nature. About KNOWING yourself and your self. It is wonderful, rich in thoughts and story in an insanely original environment. Of course the game made little money. It is probably not for everyone and only a few people can fully understand it...