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Tiffany A. Kahnen, Founding Corporate Attorney
Four Corners General Counsel | Flat Fee Corporate Counsel

Ms. Kahnen is a dynamic corporate & strategic transactional attorney, possessing experience as both in-house and outside counsel. She focuses her practice on providing companies corporate counsel that is not only responsive to legal issues as they arise, but proactive in minimizing the company's risks and maximizing their opportunities. Her ingenuity in creating a legal practice built on the flat fee pricing model has demonstrated her tenacious commitment to building a strong client partnership aligned with her clients' best interest.

Prior to founding Four Corners General Counsel, Ms. Kahnen acted as Associate In-House Counsel for an Advertising Agency, where she focused on mergers & acquisitions, contractual transactions, co-branding efforts, IP protection, risk management, corporate governance, HR advisory, contract management and litigation. As In-House Counsel, Ms. Kahnen gained valuable experience in minimizing the risks and adversities faced by the corporation, while maximizing the opportunities and assets upon which a company must capitalize.

Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, Ms. Kahnen understands the importance of efficiently and effectively providing a company the fundamental corners upon which to grow a business and create a legacy. This experience has armed her with a business savvy and an understanding of the dynamic of privately held companies which cannot be taught. This unique foundation enables her to deliver well crafted legal advice backed by an inherent business understanding.

Ms. Kahnen received her Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School, where she completed a specialized curriculum earning a certificate in Intellectual Property, CALI(AmJur) honors in the study of Internet Law & membership to the Whittier Law Journal, an honors board. Ms. Kahnen completed her undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism at USC.

At USC, she was a member of the 2004 NCAA Women’s Waterpolo Division I National Championship team.


FCGC - Four Corners General Counsel

At Four Corners General Counsel, we do not believe the client should bear all the risk and share little power. Instead, we are empowering clients by collectively developing customized solutions that meet their legal and business needs at a Fixed Value Price they can budget for.

FCGC offers experienced and effective counsel to fortify your company and ensure that your company is able to capitalize on its opportunities as it continues to build success. We work together with you to counsel on risks and liabilities, to protect your hard work and illuminate opportunities. As outsourced general counsel we work closely with each client to develop legal solutions that are specifically tailored to their unique needs. Whether that custom tailored solution is a single transaction or ongoing outsourced general counsel, Four Corners GC ensures each solution makes sense and is tailored to meet the client’s needs and budget.

We provide outsourced general counsel & corporate counsel to companies in a variety of industries. My practice includes:

▪ contractual transactions;
▪ strategic transactions and negotiations;
▪ technology licensing;
▪ advisory on cloud solutions & risks
▪ startup advisory;
▪ formation & entity structuring;
▪ mergers & acquisitions;
▪ risk management and regulatory compliance;
▪ corporate governance;
▪ privacy matters;
▪ data security;
▪ intellectual property;
▪ legal HR advisory;
▪ legal brand management advisory; and
▪ dispute resolution

We are happy to gratuitously evaluate your legal needs and design a proposal that delivers a solution at a price you can budget for.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Governance, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Risk Management , Licensing, Contracts & Agreements, Business Advisory, Tech & Startups, Privacy Law

An idea worth spreading

.Legal Counsel at a Fixed Value Price.

What Is It?

Fixed Value Pricing is a flat fee pricing model for customized legal solutions, designed together, to meet the needs of your company in a transparent solution, infused with the predictability you can budget for and the value you need. Your need, whether it be a single transaction or the need for ongoing outsourced general counsel, will be met with a solution at a price you can count on.

How Does It Work?

Four Corners GC will sit down and meet with your company.
Together we will assess your liabilities and needs.
Together we will develop a legal solution responsive to both your needs & your budget.
You will be provided a proposal detailing the solution to be provided at a fixed fee.
Four Corners GC will build a true partnership with you.

What is the Advantage to Fixed Value Pricing?

Empowerment in Choice
Access to Counsel
Alignment w/ Client

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about changing the face of the legal landscape. I'm empowering clients by developing customized legal solutions, meeting clients' legal & business needs @ a Fixed Value Price. Flat Fee.

Comments & conversations

Tiffany Kahnen
Posted over 2 years ago
How can we simplify legal/business language?
As a corporate attorney, legal language is only one aspect of the problem. To streamline the legalese with business there must be a dichotomy lawyers employ. Drafting language should be left to convey the technicalities negotiated for in the Board Room. The negotiation process of the deal should keep legalese to minimum. Unfortunately, employing such legalese in contracts is a necessity because it is the technicality of language that specifically conveys the intent of the parties. The specificity is necessary to accurately convey the intent. To aid in this process, attorneys must remember that there is a difference between legalese and business. They must bridge that gap with common sense.