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State Road, NC, United States

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charlie sealey
Posted over 2 years ago
Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?
I am not sure that a video game has changed my perspective on life, but I do believe they can make us numb to certain things. I am a veteran and was a war hawk when I was younger. The older I get, the more I see the human side of war. It is not all about the covert operations that we see on t.v.....many times it is about the women and children who are caught in the crossfire. Having said that, I believe the introduction of the "Call of Duty" first person shooter games gives the students I teach a different view of war. They don't understand the toll that war can take on the people or the economy of a country, they see the war as cool explosions and sniper headshots. Many kids are drawn to the military with the expectaion of a "gaming" experience without realizing there is not an option for a restart.