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sindhura tokala
Posted over 3 years ago
Can we "engineer" our own interests through repeated exposure?
This was a topic of research for the Advanced Machine Learning course taught by Dr. Anand Rangarajan at the University of Florida. We surveyed people on several factors ranging from questions borrowed from the Myers-Briggs test to what websites they frequented. We did identify trends in how people with certain preferences and personality types chose a particular career. For example, the mechanical engineers in our dataset were more likely to build their own computers than their counterparts in computer engineering or any other career. People who severely disliked being alone were less likely to be in graduate school. Our dataset was tiny and may have had a heavy sampling bias. Also, the problem we were studying was slightly different from the one in this topic. Nevertheless, it did seem like it was often a combination reasons rather than a single predominant one that separated people belonging to different careers.