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tina fosse
Posted almost 3 years ago
Can advertising be both a force for commerce AND a force for good?
Last year I went to Havana for the first time. I walked the city for 6 days, every day 6-8 hours. I never got tired. I wondered why...when I realized - there are NO ADS! Never before I had walked around in a capital, a major city in an ongoing state of PEACE OF MIND. So really: Product information IS very important! But not to be found in ads which are paid for by the producer. Not in this (capitalistic, based on consume) system. There is no way to satisfy the producer as much as the consumer. One side is bound to "loose" and it will always be the consumer being told what he needs. Advertisement is based on building up needs. No needs - no consume - no system as we know it. Without being told all day by ads what we need combined with the end of artificially raising fear we'd quickly realize how little it is we really require to lead a satisfied and rather happy life. This can not be done by ...what..."green ads"? True information has to be disconnected from any monetary interests.