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With so much to do in the South of Peru and North of Chile, it is not surprising that the crossing by land is one of the most visited of all South America. For anyone with a minimum of 1 week of time travel in his hands, suggests the following circuit from Lima, the capital of the Peru along the coast.

Cusco is located in the Andes, where the ancient empire established their capital. The high altitude is more cold nights and hot days, and Cusco is also more susceptible to rain. Pack a jacket of rain, hot pants and a sweater or two. If you are planning to go hiking of the Inca Trail or any another upward in the Sacred Valley, is sure to bring a few pairs of waterproof clothing, the rainy season from December to March can be very humid.

The capital of the Peru is a monster of a city that was once also the capital of the Spanish Empire in South America. More than 8 million call home, and public transportation options operate the global network routes, but complicated.