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Barrington, IL, United States

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Russ Riendeau, PhD is a behavioral scientist, author of 6 books on talent management and leadership development and an artist/sculpture, with over 85 completed works. As a longtime singer/songerwriter, he's recorded 5 albums, playing guitar, piano, mandolin and harmonica. Russ is also a member of the band, 3 Lincolns. He's a keynote speaker and former co-host of the Air America radio show "The Business Doctor." Russ is also a member of Vistage International, the world's largest CEO membership organization. The founder of the executive search firm East Wing Group, Inc. he's spent the last decades as a retained executive recruiter near Chicago. With a doctorate degree in developmental psychology, Dr. Riendeau is also a marathoner, pilot, cyclist, and loves to ride motorcycles with a really good helmet.

An idea worth spreading

Behavioral science research shows that over 80% of people do not any significant amount of time per week in professsional/personal development. Those individuals that do, earn more income, are in better physical health, are more likely to be promoted and save more of their income towards retirement. The idea of proactive learning is not a new idea, but an idea that constantly needs to be reinvented and spreading.

I'm passionate about

Sharing my research and ideas on how indivuals can become successful in life by taking risks, becoming a proactive learner and not to take one's self too seriously.

People don't know I'm good at

playing guitar, building stuff, climbing trees, skating, saying and writing the alphabet backwards really fast.

My TED story

I discovered TED years ago by accident and have embraced it's passion and influence on promoting free ideas and challenge our minds and body.The talks I've listened to have inspired me to write, to test ideas and to pursue the truth in a lot of things in my life and allowing myself to be detached from the outcome in the pursuit of the truth and enlightment.

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Russell Riendeau
Posted almost 3 years ago
Where do you use math in your profession?
David, Great question. As a executive search professional, I disguise math with charts, graphs and drawings to show certain values related to hiring trends and talent management. For example, my data shows the average job tenure and compares that rate to how companies create incentive programs to stay at the company for longer. I show data around topics of sales training recvd by the average sales professional. I graph how job changes in a person's career can predict their ability to perform effectively. I chart personal income over a 10 year period to demonstrate if a person is securing the right edcuation and experience to add value to the marketplace. Any time I can turn what appears to be "my opinion" into a equation, a chart, a graph, etc. , it gives the client a true perspective of the information and allows them to accept as fact easier and then act on the data. Russ