Elizabeth Mulligan

Bristol, RI, United States

About Elizabeth

An idea worth spreading

Our children are growing up in an age where the Earth is being destroyed and they don't know it. Most people, especially children, think "it's not their business and it's just a lot of hype". ALL SCHOOL SYSTEMS SHOULD BE MANDATED TO INCLUDE CLASSES THAT SHOW THE DESTRUCTION AND PLANS FOR DESTRUCTION. CLASSES THAT REALLY TEACH ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AND WHAT CAN BE DONE TO STOP THE RECKLESS AND RUTHLESS "PLANS" .The "plans" that now stand, with dates already up to 2030 and beyond, will be the years that our children will HAVE to deal with these problems. VIDEOS that exist NOW that explain the ecosystem and the kinds of damage being done need to be made part of the education of our children, everywhere. Letting children learn that it is NOT just in "far off Africa" that people and their homes and land are being torn up for development by large corporations and greedy governments. It's right here at home! That "HOME" applies world-wide.

I'm passionate about

History. The beauty of nature and the destructive ways that are being allowed to begin killing our Earth. The Appalachian Mountains and the massive disregard for the people, animals & mtns by MTR!!