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Vail, CO, United States

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monica villalobos
Posted over 2 years ago
Can the federal gov. create a law that orders all plastic products to include a recycling number and prohibit non-recycling plastics?
Great comment Richard. The idea of the 5c tax on plastic bags at the supermarket sounds very feasible. These ideals could be easy to sell to younger generations. I have experimented that most people 50+ are not likely to change their ways, to benefit our planet. Recycling seems to be a hassle for them, and they don't see the end purpose for it. I believe we are at the brink of that 'generational change', a new, wider mind set that can be the fore front for these green policies. Poverty and lack of education are also a factor that can limit better, more efficient ways of producing, that is why I thought of a national 'proposal' for businesses and companies. It does sound like a hard sell, some communities have already embrace a change only because it affects them directly.