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Dunia Huarachi Jørgensen
Posted 11 months ago
Jared Diamond: How societies can grow old better
Great talk! Essential angle and parallel to go and analyze societies on...Fascinating indeed. Many aspects are getting sacrificed in our modern societies, while other new aspects are been addressed to with much more focus and concern. Having the elderly on the mentioned 'rest homes' might make us be reluctant to re-think what it is to be an elder and create an illusion of a problem being solved. We get an idea that these issues are been solved by governments and that they 'do their best to' care for the elder. It might create passiveness in families and even oneself. I believe that we can create a much more meaningful purpose and position for elderly, and that Mr. Diamond work+ talk opens up for this. By changing the way of being for an elder, we will potentially also change on how we view our life and maybe even minimize the propagate fear of getting old... PS*Oh and I couldn't help it to think about Santa Claus in the Coca Cola bottles...but I guess Santa doesn't really count ..