Serge Pizot

Senior Manager Regional Control South America
São Paulo, Sp, Brasil, Brazil

About Serge


I am French and based in Sao Paulo since May 2011 after I lived for 4 years in Amsterdam. I love to live abroad and experience different cultures, learn and speak foreign languages. I am curious and enjoy learning from others as well as sharing with others my knowledge. I also believe in the power of self-learning by trying and doing things I have never done before. I practice Pilates on a weekly basis which helps me relax and keep fit.

Areas of Expertise

Auditing & accounting, Change Management, due diligence, Corporate Finance, Business Control

I'm passionate about

My friends and family

Talk to me about

Sustainable development, innovation, leadership, politics

People don't know I'm good at

cooking ratatouille, a French vegetable stew

My TED story

I am translating TED talks and TED-Ed lessons into French since early 2012.

Favorite talks