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Richard Aras
Posted over 3 years ago
If you could open-source one piece of technology, what would you choose and why?
I believe climate science and modelling should be open sourced. Our environment is the ultimate shared resource (commercial, national, or special interests do not belong). I’d site three good reasons for this... Firstly, this whole area must maintain respect and to do so it is fundamental that it be transparent, scrutable, and accountable – not to mention plainly rational! Secondly, where we are today with modelling is nowhere near far enough forward. A huge amount of work (and financing) is required to build next-generation models, to start to model vital things such as clouds and ocean currents. Credibility rests on this. Thirdly, as a cornerstone of strategic thinking and politics, there’s no better place to get people involved. It’s fun, it’s educational. It may just save our bacon. I note with a broad smile that the previous poster said much the same thing in the time it took me to register on TED! We are actively pursuing an open source model with which is getting off the ground as we speak.