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Charlotte, NC, United States

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Brian Trinca
Posted over 3 years ago
Will medical advances against cancer mainly help people in wealthy countries or can they help all of the world's people?
Interesting question. Forgive me but I have not read your book yet, as I'm just finding out about it now. But as you mentioned, "the most effective methods for controlling cancer have been relatively inexpensive interventions that can be used globally" -- I am wondering if you are referring to nutrition-based therapies? If so, that brings about another interesting question... What will it take for countries such as the US to recognize the validity of these therapies, and actually begin implementing them knowing that doing so could result in giant losses of revenue to the pharmaceutical industry because of it? Will it ever happen? Corporations can't make such huge profits from a healthy society, and perhaps this is one of the key reasons why Western medicine focuses on treatment rather than prevention.