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A little bit about me and my background: I studied Mathematics, Economics and Latin at A-level before taking a gap year to experience the world of work and earn money to do some travelling overseas - something I had not had much opportunity to do before. During my year out I learnt that work is hard and fun, but travelling across Australia and America was more fun. So I went to Bristol University to read Maths and Economics with a determination to get a job that would let me do both. I joined a consultancy firm once I graduated in 2003 to train as a chartered accountant. Once I qualified I realised that I wanted to make more use of my creative strengths and worked in my firm's Advisory function. I enjoyed thinking of new ways to do things on client engagements and working with clients across the financial services, oil & gas, media and industrial sectors. I am never content with doing something in a conventional way if a better way is possible, so working in Advisory gave me a perfect environment to apply that part of my personality. My career has also enabled me to provide counsel to others as a mentor, coach and trainer - I have coached and mentored junior members of staff as well as training new joiners to my firm and clients across Europe, Asia and America. More recently I have worked on building a new service line within my firm that can leverage the power of our people's minds across our global network for the benefit of our clients and some of their biggest open innovation challenges. People value my perspective and turn to me for advice and I enjoy sharing it - for example, I have regularly taken part in graduate recruitment marketing events since joining my firm to share my experience with students. My friends and colleagues would describe me as enthusiastic with a positive outlook on life. I approach life with excitement and energy and do not do things half heartedly. I work well as a member of a group or team, am loyal to my team and do my share. I am also happy to lead and strongly believe in flat structures where everyone has the opportunity to contribute at anytime. When leading I encourage my groups to get things done and focus on maintaining good relations within the group. I am mindful of the motives and feelings of other people and myself, and adapt to social situations - trying to sense what makes other people tick. I pride myself on being aware of and thankful for the great people I work with on a daily basis and make time to express that whenever possible. I'm quite a curious person too. I take an interest in various topics (see rest of my profile) and enjoy exploring and discovering new things. I also don't take myself too seriously; believing that fun and work can happen at the same time. I try to see the light side of every situation and enjoy bringing a smile to those I am around whenever I can.



Areas of Expertise

Crowd Sourcing

An idea worth spreading

I currently work on a crowd sourcing project within my organisation that intends to connect the bright minds of our people to help solve some of the biggest challenges that companies, NGOs and governments face around the world. I am keen to learn about the open innovation challenges which other organisations face in the world, discuss how my network might be able to help, or just share my experience.

I'm passionate about

creativity, social intelligence, financial independence, people, loyalty, self-improvement


Bristol University

Talk to me about

crowdsourcing, film, music, psychology, music festivals, being out at work and in general, coaching, mentoring, financial independence

People don't know I'm good at

dancing, cooking, accents, whistling, being used as a meeting point by friends at public events (I am very tall), to be continued...

My TED story

I discovered TED one day when I had just got YouTube to work via my Blu-ray DVD player for the first time and wanted to watch it via my TV. I started off watching talks to do with innovation, which then moved on to Business, Design and Technology. 6 hours later and at 2am in the morning I had to stop and go to bed. I am passionate about TED and often introduce my friends and colleagues to it when they talk about topics where I have previously seen relevant/exciting TEDtalks. I am curently excited to be working with a brilliant global team of colleagues to bring a TEDx event to the organisation I work for, since I know it will have a huge positive impact on all those who attend and view it online.

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Matt Sevenoaks
Posted over 3 years ago
Live conversation with Nina Tandon: How can we use TED Conversations in the classroom?
Nina, I work for a global organisation and am part of a team bringing the first TEDx to our people. My question is: what value have you seen in TEDinClass that you think would translate well in to the Learning and Development departments in the corporate world- particularly in global organisations? I'd really welcome your thoughts on this, since having read the blog link above I think what you're doing has great potential in the business world too!