Maitrayi Subhedar

Mumbai, India

About Maitrayi

I'm passionate about

Literature, art and music. I'm more inclined towards the creative side than the intellectual side.

People don't know I'm good at

Writing. I love writing various short stories or articles or paragraphs about anything. I've also tried writing one story and have got an interest of many people in it due to elements of fantasy in it

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Maitrayi Subhedar
Posted over 3 years ago
What kinda music do you listen to? Spotify playlists welcome
I'm pretty young and a girl too, but I don't enjoy pop or hip hop much. My preferences are rather heavy metal, classic rock, punk rock and those kinds with a lot of noise in them and some sad and serious lyrics rather than peppy ones. So I like bands like Linkin Park, Green Day, Coldplay etc. The music as such does not define me completely. Maybe a part of it, yes. I do identify myself in places of the song, in some situations the songs talk about. Nor do they express my complete personality. I mean, yeah there is this kind of a lonely side to me and that identifies with those songs but my personality as a whole doesn't.