Sonya Goff

Louisville, KY, United States

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I am a third generation doll and jewelry maker. I firmly believe that the future of our world depends on the dissemination of knowledge in all areas both artistic and scientific. We must be willing to not only think outside the box but remake the box.I explore a wide variety of topics from how the brain functions to low cost housing for homeless populations around the world. I know first hand what it is like to live on the edge of poverty. I also know what it is like to live with mental illness both as patient and as caretaker.



Areas of Expertise

art doll making, Public Speaking, Jewelery making, quilting

An idea worth spreading

It is time the stigma of having mental illness was erased from the public conscious. Mental illness is just as real and just as debilitating as diabetes and high blood pressure. Having mental illness does not mean that you are week or unintelligent .Just as one would not say to a stroke victim "Oh snap out of it ." or "Your just being over dramatic.", the same should be said to the mentally ill. Just as the diabetic needs medication to control their disease so too the mental health sufferer. Having depression,schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, or any other mental health problem does not mean one is week or stupid. It means that like a patient with a physical health problem proper treatment without fear of ridicule should be given automatically. It is time the mentally ill stopped being ostracized and considered disposable.

I'm passionate about

global warming.ocean ecology,creativity,mental health advocacy,

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Almost anything, I am open to new ideas of all sorts,

My TED story

I was introduced to TED about 2 years ago when a friend e-mailed me a TED talk. I was hooked! I sometimes find myself watching late into the night as one talk leads into another. Because my interests are so varied a talk on new ways to provide water in drought stricken Africa may lead to a talk on creativity which leads to a talk on brain function and so on. I often start out to be entertained and find myself being educated on a variety of subjects. TED has become a valued source of continued education.

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Sonya Goff
Posted over 1 year ago
Depression is an Illness!
The problem when comparing mental and physical illness is that mental illness is not as measurable as physical.illness. You can take a person's blood pressure , measure their glucose levels, or use any number of imaging tests to check the spread of cancer. Unfortunately no such tests exist for mental illness. One simply can not quantify behavioral health. There is no test for levels of depression, or bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia.For this reason many still refuse to accept the reality of mental illness and continue to view it as an excuse for anti-social behavior. Unfortunately for a lot of people mental illness remains an "I have to experience it before I believe it" subject, leaving those who live with it, and their families, struggling for recognition and treatment.