Imre Vegvari

Budapest, Hungary

About Imre


I have started using computers when I was 9 years old. Now I'm 37 and it feels like I only got up from behind the computer's screen to go to the bathroom or make a coffee. At first I immensely enjoyed using the computer (mainly games, then graphical and coding environments.) Then I went crazy about connecting our computers together via the Internet. And now I am all head over heels because we - at last - connect our own selves together, using social networks. I think this is the most exciting area of all and the most exciting time of all. I'm happy to be able to watch all this. My work is connected to this. I used to do things on the computer, then on the web, now in social networks. I had built a 100-person company around it once, now I am a freelance consultant. I love to listen to people's challenges and give them my perspective, which is usually closely connected to my field of expertise. I love to help those people, companies, causes and organizations that I believe are in need of support. That's what I use my skills for and that's what I do for a living, too :)

Areas of Expertise

communication, online social networks

An idea worth spreading

I think the basic problem with the personal understanding of how much damage we do to our environment comes from the simple fact that the Earth is so huge and we are so tiny in comparison. No matter what we do, it can always be thought that in the end it means nothing compared to the sheer size of the planet. I would help the process of understanding by creating one single human being by putting together the 7 billion humans. It would be a giant, a monster. It would be about 10 kilometers tall, it would weigh 350 million tons. It could swim comfortably only over the Marianna-trench and it could rest its chin on Mount Everest. Imagine the size of the coke can it would throw away twice every day. Imagine the exhaust fumes coming from its car. Imagine the amount of toxic waste from its giant washing machine. Those are easy to imagine. That's what the tiny personal level adds up to. I think this image that exists in your mind from now on is an idea worth spreading.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about all forms of communication, particularly online social communications. I'm passionate about helping and supporting worthy initiatives with all my skills.

Talk to me about

Internet, sustainable technologies, permaculture and aquaponics, quantum physics, Woody Allen and Kurt Vonnegut.

People don't know I'm good at

Paragliding, aquariums, diving, snowboarding, writing, raising my 3 children :), teaching, Modern Defendo, urban cycling.

My TED story

I have been receiving and forwarding TED videos many years ago - that's how it began for me and TED. The first video I saw was about multi-touch user interfaces, an innovation that later Microsoft bought and Apple perfected. Then three years ago one of my best friends got the idea that Hungary really needs a TEDx event - and I joined him in this quest, so for the last years I have been an active member of the organizer group of the TEDxDanubia events ( The 6 or so events that took place are the most important things I did in the last few years, I think. The people I met, the causes I helped support and spread the news about, the hundreds of people who visited these events have all shaped my view of the world. The talks we helped on the TEDx stage have formed Hungarian's view of the world. I am very grateful to have been able to be part of this process - and I hope to continue to do so :)