Sue Liko

Ottawa, Canada

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I am an independent facilitator with Heart, Health & Home. We are inspiring individuals, families and communities to learn how to become balanced, healthy and happy. We are looking to make our societies richer by modelling to our children what happiness, self respect and self confidence looks like so that they can grow into strong individuals and confident leaders. I enjoy working with people to achieve the goals they set for themselves and to pay it forward within my community and yours.

I'm passionate about

The power of now, the human spirit and the positive energy that the universe holds.

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Sue Liko
Posted over 3 years ago
Can we really become happier? Happier ourselves? Can we create happier places to work? Or even happier societies?
I work with a company in Canada that strives to help individuals to create balance in their lives. Since I have started to practice what I teach, I have certainly become more aware of my happiness. I will find myself smiling and glowing internally for the sheer fact that life is good, not perfect, not stress free but still good. My biggest breakthrough was to realise that being happy is a choice that we make over and over again throughout the day. We can suffer through our misery or we can chose to work through it and be happy regardless of it. The structure of the business that I am in makes us a family. We are there for each other and can be counted on whenever we need help. There is no competition, no back stabbing, no walking over people to make it to the top. I have never experienced anything like it before. As long as individuals have the choice to be happy there is always hope that society will follow.