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Grand Rapids, MI, United States

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margaret peters
Posted over 2 years ago
Should public schools in the United States eliminate the traditional A to F grading scale? And if so, what assessment do we replace it with?
What you seem to be espousing is the Bell Curve. It was used years ago and dropped for the most part in the 90s. The problem is not the title (A-f, pass/fail/the Bell Curve). The problem is that Americans in large numbers, do not respect education.They "debate" global warming, despite overwhelming scientific evidence. If surveys are to be believed, over 50% of Americans doubt evolution! You cannot expect students to respect an institution that continually being degraded and criticized (correctly and incorrectly) continuously in the media. Education needs to change, but not as much as the media would lead you to believe. What we really need is a fundamental shift in society's value system. Instead of shouting from every pillar about the importance of education, show how valuable it is by funding it and respecting its product and processes.