Predrag Pale

I am wondering, University of Zagreb - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Zagreb, Croatia

About Predrag


Today he is searching for ways to replace humans in teaching in every way possible, only to find out what is it in education that only humans can do, so they can be liberated from the rest and supported in that only thing.

An electronics engineer, designed over two dozens measurement and control systems and envisioned, designed and built numerous applications of ICT in all walks of life: from civil engineering to medicine, from libraries to finance sector, from media to government administration.
Introduced Internet to Croatia in the midst of the war, built the first national broadband academic network in the world, amended backbone services with databases and information services, education, publishing, application pilot projects and marketing long before anybody believed they belonged together.
Served as Deputy minister of science and technology claiming in 90-ties that government should be the role model for the rest of the country: best organized, on the technological forefront, best educated, morally superior.


Croatian, English

Areas of Expertise

ICT in education, Information Security, ICT

An idea worth spreading

All teachers (from kindergarten to university) should become like sports coaches: only teaching, coaching and mentoring.
Evaluation, grading and certification should be removed from teachers (and schools) and handed over to someone else - preferably to computers through objective, well known assignments and tasks to be completed.

I'm passionate about

Improving learning experience and outcomes. Finding ways to make learning joyful experience with best results every individual learner can achieve.

Talk to me about

Why information security is a lost battle - and civilisation as we know it now cannot survive.

What is the single thing that should be changed that would significantly improve education worldwide.

People don't know I'm good at

Teaching ballet.

Favorite talks