Oracio Casillas

Founder & CEO, Coastal Graphics
Ojai, CA, United States

About Oracio


Currently own & operate a digital printing company "Coastal Graphics". Actively help and support a lot of local projects, community events and volunteer programs, not only with their printing needs, but also with event management, staffing, organization, logistics and support. Examples include supporting & volunteering for the GMO-labeling campaign, Green coalition & Ojai Transition, RAW food movement, Ojai trees, TEDxWomen, TEDxOjai, TEDxChange, TEDGlobal, etc.
In the past - creator & disseminator of the "Prevailing Winds", printed publication about governmental covered operations & projects, 'precursor' of the current Wikileaks. Actively supported the "Heal the Ocean" non-profit organization in Santa Barbara. Helped children by teaching & mentoring in the Lou Grant school for 2 years.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Digital Printing, green technologies, Solar Environmental Systems, Non-violent communication, Extreme Sports, Community building, Teaching & mentoring

An idea worth spreading

Education through holographic images spread via satellites & wireless long distance technologies

I'm passionate about

Community building, sharing, green technologies, solar & wind powered systems, eco design, digital & 3D printing, co-creative solutions, organic gardening, sustainability, travel, system redesign

Talk to me about

Community building, sharing, green technologies, solar & wind powered systems, ecodesign, digital & 3D printing, conscious travel, organic gardening, sustainability, education, system redesign

People don't know I'm good at

Global Travel, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, hiking, listening, helping, laughing,...

My TED story

Introduced to TED in 2010 by my friend Darina, actively spreading ideas & TEDtalks to all my friends, community & business partners & clients - both virtually & in person. Have & will continue to actively participate & volunteer & support the organization of the local TEDxWomen & TEDxOjai & TEDxOjaiChange events in the past, present & future. Would love to connect with many other like-minded TEDsters around the world to share ideas, learn new skills and apply worthy projects that will have glocal impact in everything we do from growing food, to educating our children to doing business in new ways while caring, protecting & honoring the Earth and all living being. Interested in applying the latest digital, 3D and holographic technologies for improvement of education in the areas that need it most.

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