Pieter Van Niekerk

Managing Director
Centurion, South Africa

About Pieter


Started an academic career in Law, Criminology and International Politics. Later completed an MBA. Particular focus of post graduate studies around the subject of transforming military technologies into commercial products and services. Worked for several high tech organizations during early career and also as a part time lecturer in Strategy, Technology and Macro Economics. Founder, developed and built Netcure as Information Risk Management consulting business prior to its acquisition by a leading IT Outsourcing firm in 2011. Have consulting to leading enterprises throughout Africa, Middle-East and Europe.


Afrikaans, English

Areas of Expertise

Information Security Risk Management

I'm passionate about

The potential use of technology to reshape the face of politics, economics and social interaction amongst people and groups.


North-West University

Talk to me about

The nature of human consciousness and spirituality and it's potential to transform human relationship and overcome complex real-world problems which science, politics and technology have not solved.

People don't know I'm good at

Playing classical and acoustic guitars and that I have a fine collection of custom left-hand models collected from all over the world.

Comments & conversations

Pieter Van Niekerk
Posted over 2 years ago
What are ways that we can improve our own future?
I fully subscribe to saving as a fundamental life discipline. The trick is to not talk but to do, starting small and building momentum. If you are older already, your intervention may have to be mor radical. However there are other variables that will make your older self smile, perhaps more than money. It is the savings you make in time (from sacrificing non productive activities) and reinvesting it in making memories that become the basis for self worth and enjoyment in old age. The point is travel when you can whilst you can, perhaps not 3 times a year but once annually, having saved for that privilege in advance.