Ura Svetelj

President, Student section of Public relations society of Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia

About Ura


English, German, Slovene

I'm passionate about

TED, TEDx, travelling, blogging, event management, informal learning, reading, surfing, leadership

Talk to me about

Travelling south-east Asia, TEDx, leadership, event management

People don't know I'm good at

improvisation, almost every sport

My TED story

I attended event in Kino Šiška from TEDxLjubljana in october 2010 - I found the programme interesting, becuase one of mine professors was the speaker. I had no idea what to expect and on the event there was such an amazing energy, mixure of speakers, i was amazed. The whole time I was just thinking: Who is organizing this?! I sent email to them a week after the event and half a year later I joined the team of TEDxLjubljana. Later I started my own TEDx event on my faculty, TEDxFDV.